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Science Locus Schools are basically a full day (English and Urdu Medium) Educational system, and has been established by the body of two Owner able persons, Mr. Arshad Iqbal Sheikh and Mr. Rashid Mehmood, on 4th November 1996, to cater for qualtiy education, both for boys and girls, up to Matric Level. While laying the foundation stone of the institution, the main consideration was to provide a conducive academic atmosphere, excellent teaching skill facilities to the children of Gujranwala. Since its establishment, Science Locus Schools have successfully catered to the needs of the students in a rapidly changing world.



Learning is a lifelong process and schooling is the foundation to build curiosity, character success and social adaptability of a child’s personality. Education at Science Locus is the essence of vitality, intellectual stimulation and excitement of expanding the talents and abilities of our students. Science Locus is a source for the future, both for motherland and for student himself. This August institution offers a complete range of education elimination the needs of tuition at home. We are committed to the creative and tradition approach to seize the opportunities that life in 21st century is going to offer.


It is a matter of pride for me that you as my valued parents have trusted Science Locus for the education of your child. Since its creation in 4th November 1996, Science Locus with its seven branches, has been doing remarkable work in the field of education from Play group to Secondary classes. A child is an asset for a nation children have to command the world, and the SCIENCE LOCUS, an extremely focused, career oriented academic module, makes it possible for our students to go as a forward looking students and indeed command the environment. Science Locus has completed its 22 academic years obtaining very good results and achieving its mission.

our services

computer lab

Science Locus School provide well equipped air conditioned computer lab. In computer lab, students are taught by highly profile instructor.

Science Lab

Science Locus School, Science lab is full of latest science practical Equipments. Practical Teachers are also very highly experienced in the field of science practicals.

School  Library

School Library of Science Locus, is full of latest books of every class, Science Library is the basic need of every school now a days, So school is providing such library for the students

Meeting With Principal

Science Locus School always arrange PTM`s for the better future of the students.

Science Locus
The school of science and arts

  • Our Timings
  • Monday - Saturday
  • 07:10 AM - 01:40 PM
  • Friday and Sunday will be off

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