Arshad Iqbal Shaikh
Whoever follows a path in search of knowledge Allah will guide him to path leading into paradise.
These scared verses from “Tirmizi” reflect the importance of education and knowledge which is a real and absolute power to exist in the world, which is a source of light, which is a companion of solitary and leads a person when he finds darkness all round him.
My dear Parents and Readers!
Learning is a lifelong process and schooling is the foundation to build curiosity, character success and social adaptability of a child’s personality.
Education at Science Locus is the essence of vitality, intellectual stimulation and excitement of expanding the talents and abilities of our students.

Science Locus is a source for the future, both for motherland and for student himself. This August institution offers a complete range of education elimination the needs of tuition at home. We are committed to the creative and tradition approach to seize the opportunities that life in 21st century is going to offer.

While browsing through this prospectus you will discover a visual reminiscence of Science Locus, all these… the fun … the companion ship … the study … the friendliness … the glittering faces of our cheerful students, mirror the grip of Science Locus over every aspect of lives of students to wind up my message I would like to ask you (parents) discover the untapped quantum of your child’s potential and assure you the best of education.

I applaud you on opting for our institution. I am determined that educational experience at Sscience Locus will be prolific, delightful, fruitful and excellent both for you and your child and will fruition your hopes about your child’s educational future. You will surly say that my child is, at last. In safe hands now.
With all  the best wishes!