Rashid Mahmood
With best wishes!
It is a matter of pride for me that you as my valued parents have trusted Science Locus for the education of your child. Since its creation in 4th November 1996, Science Locus with its seven branches, has been doing remarkable work in the field of education from Play group to Secondary classes.
           A child is an asset for a nation children have to command the world, and the SCIENCE LOCUS, an extremely focused, career oriented academic module, makes it possible for our students to go as a forward looking students and indeed command the environment.
Science Locus has completed its 14 academic years obtaining very good results and achieving its mission. The mission of the school is to educate and train the generation making them right spirited Muslims and Pakistani citizen. During the education, necessary stress is laid on the character building and personality development of the children. The curriculum thus includes a broad and well-planned programme for academic, mental and physical training of the children, which will enable them to adopt any profession in life.

SCIENCE LOCUS is an institution par excellence, with its Science laboratories, computer labs, activity rooms curriculum teaching faculty, and specially the loving and caring environment is schools premises in which the student not only feels himself at home, but among his family members, too.

I should also like to remind my beloved students that there is no shot to competence, and for greater achievements one has to undergo more strenuous toil and struggle. A successful life is never result of an accident. It is a logical conclusion to a chain of correct and timely decisions.
I want to congratulate you on your correct and timely decision to secure your child’s future.
I wish great success and prosperous Future to all my students!